Its the Halloween weekend at the campground Im staying at, because they arent open for the actual Halloween, aha. xDD

The internets better right now, so I figured Id get this done while it was co-operating. uvu

Were going to go to the mall tomorrow, because its huuuge compared to the one at home, and theres a lot of different stores. owo Im really looking forward to the CD store, because theres only two of them in Nova Scotia and theyre both here for some reason. 030 But theyve got a lot of CDs- basically everything not in a different language. I spent $63 on Rise Against CDs last time, and that was in December. xD They have some shirts and hoodies and other things like that too, though the prices of some of their stuff isnt exactly great. 

I think Im gonna go for tonight, some of our neigbors have a karaoke machine and theyre messing around with that, so thatll be interesting. ewe

Bye guys! :D